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Online Surveys to Understand Your Market and Make Informed Decisions

a complete online survey application so you can create and manage your own surveys, enabling your to understand your market and make timely, well-informed and cost-effective decisions

create  dot  invite  dot  understand  dot  make informed decisions

Online Surveys dot Informed and Cost-Effective Decisions!

Use online surveys to find out exactly what your market wants and not what you think they want. With surveyMaker you can:

  • Create your own online surveys with drag'n'drop questions
  • Decide who can reply to your surveys
  • Develop your survey with multiple question options
  • Monitor and analyse your online surveys results

With integrated subscriber management your online surveys are easily targeted to the right audience.

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customise survey templatesCreate Online Survey Templates to better communicate your brand

schedule survey remindersSchedule Reminder Emails to increase survey response rate

integrate with messageMakerSend Survey Invitation with messageMaker for best brand recogniton

integrate custom fieldsInclude Pre-populated Responses by integrating subscriber data

analyse online survey resultsCreate Custom Reports for various stakeholders tro view online