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Online Surveys to Understand Your Market and Make Informed Decisions

a complete online survey application so you can create and manage your own surveys, enabling your to understand your market and make timely, well-informed and cost-effective decisions

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Features to Make Running Your Online Survey a Dream

Creating a survey is now easy!

With no software to install or technical skills required, you can now create surveys at a moments notice. All you need is an internet connections and you can start.

Survey logic

Skip-to question logicEasy survey skip-question logic that allows you to channel respondents to answering questions that are relevant.

Control how your survey looks

Simple and easy to use controls allows you to change how your survey will look without the need to know any HTML or CSS. You can now control Fonts, Sizing, Colours, Borders and other design elements.

Send survey reminders

Schedule your survey remindersNeed to remind participants about your survey? surveymaker will send out reminders to those who have not yet started or completed your survey. You can either send immediately or schedule for a later date.

Quotas and deadlines

Add survey quota and close-off datesYou can automate and enhance your surveys by deciding on the number of responses you and and deciding on a closing date and time for your survey.

Survey reports

Create custom survey reports for different stakeholdersCreate your own custom reports with professional and eye-catching charts and graphs. Choose from a variety of chart types to best display your data. With surveyMaker you can create as many reports as you want, re-order your questions using drag'n'drop and share custom reports with various stakeholders.

Real-time results

All your survey results are updated in realtime, enabling you to monitor responses as they come in.

Drag 'n' drop

Drag'n'drop survey questionsJust drag 'n' drop and all your questions are lined up and ready to go. Further with hyperPanel's drag 'n' drop interface questions can be reordered the way you want, letting you create surveys quicker and with less hassle.

Duplicate question

Duplicate questions with one clickWith a click of the mouse you can duplicate questions. Ideal for when you have multipe questions of the same type, but requiring minor changes. Quick, simple and saves you time!

Advanced question library

surveyMaker contains a wide range of question types and options to allow you to get the answers you want.

Landing page redirect

Automatically redirect your survey participants to a landing page of your choice and the completion of the survey.

Add pre-populated answers

Inegrate pre-populated answers into your survey questionsIntegrating hyperPanel's subscriber module you can link survey answers with existing subscriber data and use that to pre-populate questions in your survey.

Randomise answer options

Randomise options in survey questionssurveyMaker can randomise answer options as they appear in your questions. This can add additional validity to your results. Further, additional comments cn be added to multi-choice questions to gain better insights into participant answers.